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Midland Fogg Busters Ltd

Certified Eco-friendly Fogging, Deep Cleaning and Sanitising Service Based in Oldbury Aiding Surrounding Areas by Providing Virus and Bacteria Disinfection


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Midland Fogg Busters is a newly established deep cleaning business offering their services across Oldbury.

Due to the rise of Covid-19 and the increased need for cleanliness, health and safety, many requirements are now necessary in commercial offices, workplaces, group gatherings, hotel function rooms and much more. That's where we come in, to effectively help our customers and ensure all environments are entirely shielded.

We are able to operate a range of specialist equipment. These handheld machines generate mist/steam which in turn effectively disinfects large areas of coverage rapidly.

Viral mist disinfection is needed in commercial environments now more than ever.

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Weekly Appointment Hours

The times below are the hours in which are clients are bale to book our deep cleaning and sanitisation cleaning services

Monday to Friday :
9 AM - 8 PM

Saturday to Sunday :
9 AM - 5 PM


Frequently Asked Cleaning and Sanitisation Services Questions

Check out the below list of common questions our clients have asked


How does the cleaning and sanitising usually take place?

Beforehand, the property, building or space requiring cleaning and sanitising would need to be completely empty during the fogging. No people can be in a space during the fog/mist spraying. This process can take up to 2 hours or more. However, duration will usually depend on size of the area needing to be cleaned.

How long do the surfaces which are fogged stay sanitised?

After completing a full fog in a specific area, the disinfectant should be effective for up to 1 month.

What makes the products used in sanitising eco-friendly?

The disinfectant solution we use at Midland Fogg Busters does not contain any trace of alcohol or peroxides, unlike standard disinfectant products. The product is just as effective in comparison to any standard market product at helping to kill viruses. Including Coronavirus and also any new emerging variants, better sanitising the areas it is used on. This BluTest document outlines the test results of the solution we use

I am a past customer of Midland Fogg Busters and would like to use your service frequently, would I receive a discounted price?

Yes of course, we will always do what's best to meet our clients' needs and would be more than happy to discount prices for returning customers. This can be discussed when arranging a quote for a service

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